3 References to Browning’s ‘Freaks’ You May Have Missed in American Horror Story: Freak Show


American Horror Story: Freak Show has taken a lot of nods from the horror genre, but its biggest influence is the Tod Browning’s 1932 film, Freaks. Freaks was one of the most notorious releases of its day—not only did director  have to cut almost an hour of material in order for the film to be released to the public, the heavily censored film was still considered so upsetting that some audience members were reported as fainting. This makes the film a natural source of inspiration for AHS creator Ryan Murphy, who has included a number of nods to the film in the season so far.

“Shut up, you Freaks!”

It isn’t long after Meep’s body shows up on the front step of the sideshow that the rest of the workers are making merry with drinks and sweets. Jimmy, who feels responsible for Meep’s death, is shown sitting amongst the revelry with a very different disposition. Suddenly he screams out: “Shut up!” and the sideshow workers stop in their tracks.

This scene is a reference to one of the most memorable scenes in Freaks, where the “normal” Cleo is at her wedding party; the ‘freaks’ of the sideshow are dancing, singing and making merry, when Cleo suddenly can’t take it anymore, and screams out: “Shut up, you freaks!”

Cleo’s fate

The revenge planned by Penny and company for her father bears a striking resemblance to the ultimate fate of Cleopatra and Hercules in the Freaks film. In American Horror Story, the original plan (which Penny ultimately decides to abandon) is to make him a “chicken boy” by pouring hot tar over him, covering him in feathers, and then cutting off his genitals.

In the film Freaks, Cleopatra is turned into a chicken woman—complete with feathers and a stout body—for trying to kill a member of the freak show; her cohort Hercules is castrated.

“One of us”

Many fans are surprised that American Horror Story didn’t make a more overt reference to the most famous line from the film—“One of us! One of us!” but the series did give a small wink to the line that many people looked over. There is a scene early on in the series where Jimmy tells the nervous Bette and Dot that they were “one of us” now. Don’t miss a single episode of the great American Horror Story.

What Does Eugene’s Betrayal Mean For The Walking Dead?


It likely came as no surprise to Walking Dead fans who read the comics—or those who could pick up in the suspicious behavior Eugene exhibited during the show—but the cat is finally out of the bag: Eugene confessed to Abraham, Rosita and the rest of the group that he was not really a scientist; he had never worked for the government; and, most importantly, he did not have a cure for the virus.

The news shocked the group, but the episode ended shortly after and left viewers wondering: What’s next? How will the group handle this news? There are three likely scenarios that the writers could decide to take.

Scenario: The group abandons Eugene
This is a somewhat likely scenario. After all that has happened, and all they have sacrificed for Eugene and his lies, Abraham and Rosita could decide to abandon Eugene. It’s not likely that Tara, Glenn and Maggie will do the same, simply because they don’t have the same amount of baggage that Rosita and especially Abraham have. Abraham has repeatedly been shown to have a severe emotional investment in Eugene and this complete break of his trust and everything he’s known for months could cause him to abandon the person he once protected.

Scenario: The group tries to return to Rick’s group
This is the most likely scenario. The group, realizing that their only chance of survival now is to merge with Rick’s group and continue on with them, will attempt to backtrack and catch up with Rick before they leave the church. Of course, in true Walking Dead fashion this reunion probably won’t be easy, and could take a few episodes—at least—to happen.

It may also be likely that not all of the group will make it back to Rick and company. The show is well known for killing off supporting characters, which means anyone from Abraham to Eugene or even Tara could die.

Scenario: The group continues to Washington D.C.
This is the least likely scenario, but some fans are speculating that Abraham, Rosita and Eugene will still try to make it to Washington D.C. in the hopes that the capital has really set up some sort of safe zone. They may decide that they have already come this far and that it would be pointless to change course so late in the game.

Do you need a cure for the zombie virus? No. Do you need this hoodie? Definitely.

Diane Kruger On Her Role as The Famous Guillotined Queen

The most famous quotation associated with the ill-fated Marie Antoinette–”Let them eat cake!”–was never really said by her. In fact, in the past century many historians have sought to uncover the true personality and history of this often-maligned historical figure. She is often portrayed as a spoiled, uncaring spendthrift who spent France into ruin and paid for it during the Revolution with her life.
farewellmyqueenThis spoiled reputation is what actress Diane Kruger had in mind when she was given the script for Les adieux a la reine, or Farewell, My Queen  Before she read the script, Kruger believed she would more or less be playing Marie Antoinette as she–and popular culture–viewed her. In other words, as a spoiled, clueless and brainless royal brat.
Yet Kruger did not let her previous beliefs about Marie Antoinette influence her performance. Instead, she decided to do her own research while preparing for the role. She read the biography of Marie Antoinette by Stefan Zweig, arguably the biography that launched a thousand others which dealt with Marie Antoinette as a human being rather than a caricature.
Of the maturity of the doomed queen, Kruger wrote: “[After the fall of the Bastille] … it dawned on her that this was the end of the life they had known. She realized this sooner than [everyone else, and] took more seriously her responsibilities … She had a moment when she ‘manned up’ and became a real queen.”
And it is this interpretation of a queen who understands that her world is dying and will do what she can to save it that shines through in Kruger’s performance, which has been praised by audiences and critics alike as enigmatic, fluid, and quicksilver.
Marie Antoinette, historically, lived in multiple worlds at once—in the world of the public display of court, where she was expected to exude “Majesty” and impress all who watched her upon the figurative stage; and in the world of her own private apartments where she could be herself, free to sit on her bed barefoot and enjoy reading plays or looking at the latest fashions without having to worry about impressions or Majesty.
In the film, Kruger is able to capture a historical figure that is often inaccessible and give her a realistic, human portrayal; and in doing so, she breathes the historical queen new life. Click here to find more TV and Film entertainment.

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Home Internet Service Is Getting Better

Current technology makes it easy to get a great home internet service, if you have the right provider. Dial up is outdated. DSL is slow and satellite internet is unreliable and slow. The right provider is a cable TV provider that can give you cable internet.


Your cable provider is a solid internet service provider. It can offer broadband connection with the continual bandwidth you need to play your online games, stream music and other media from multiple sources at one time and to keep open communication with your friends and family all over the world.


This service comes with a high download speed that can get as high as 105 Mbps. It’s the perfect service for a family of gamers or a family that has a lot of online friends. It can keep up with the demands your family places on it, during the school year when your children have school work to research and during the summer when everyone just wants to stay connected.


It’s the perfect way to get the latest album from your favorite artist, watch that new movie release online or to share your pictures on your favorite social site. Since you can get your connection in traditional wired or wireless services, you are in full control of how you connect and what device you use to connect with.


Your cable provider will also give you free online features that help make this a safer environment for your children and your devices. The free online security offers an entire security suite that runs in the background to protect your desktop or tablet from malware that can hurt your hard drive. This security suite helps to protect you from trojans, viruses, spyware, worms, adware and other threats. It also helps to block hackers and phishers so that your personal information is protected, as well. This service costs you nothing and can help you save money in the long run.


The online Parental Controls take the guess work out of what they are doing online when you are not around. You can use this service to block web addresses when you don’t think a site is age-appropriate for your child.


You can also use the site rating to determine your child’s access to that site. The Parental Controls are good for enforcing your time limits to make sure your children aren’t spending more time online than they are getting their homework done. And, when you need to know who they have been talking to or what sites they have been frequenting online, you can just use the feature that allows you to monitor online activities. It’s a great free service that will give you the peace of mind you need as you watch them travel around your home with their device in their hand.


This is the perfect service for busy families that need a good high speed Internet service without all the trouble that can go with services through other providers. Your cable TV provider is the perfect ISP for any home.

Compare AT&T Uverse To Cable Providers

Let’s face it, there are tons of different options for all consumers when choosing which brand of home entertainment they wish to receive.  Times are tough and giving your family the kind of exciting, dynamic in home entertaining options they deserve is one concern that should not be overlooked.  You gotta have your TV.  It helps relax the mind, entertain the family and makes everyone feels good.


But what are the options?  And which one is the best fit for you and your family?  The AT&T U-Verse Total Home DVR is a great way to begin the search for the ultimate source of fine family entertainment.  You can watch four separate shows at once, record and playback any content from any TV in your home, also from any room, and pause, rewind or fast forward through any commercials, plus a ton of more features.  For example, you can program your DVR with your phone or computer, access this neat HD ready DVR that is included with most plans plus store up to 422 hours of ready to watch TV shows.


The features are accessible from anywhere in your home, enabling you to program your DVR to record your favorite shows, playback feature films or playback the programs you want, how you want to.  Each of the four shows you record can be played back on different screens in different rooms. Find out more about AT&T TV at s9.com/att/Uverse-TV-.html.


Unlike cable television, which makes you watch their programming when they air it, the Total Home DVR lets you make your own programming line-up, with the ability to pick and choose your shows and watch them in different rooms; that way, each family member can enjoy their own favorite, without interfering with what other people want to watch.  The best thing is, this feature is included with most plans, at no further cost to the customer.


With U-Verse technology, you can enjoy TV the way it is meant to be seen, in stunning HD, where the highest quality picture and sound will allow you to utilize your HD television set to the utmost of its potential.  With photo-realistic video and 5.1 channel audio sound, you be able to watch over 185 channels in glorious HD quality, with more and more channels getting the HD upgrade.  Soon, HD will be in the majority and standard definition will only be a thing of the past. Check out the latest ATT U-verse Deals S9.com/ATT/.


With the choices AT&T U-Verse TV Multiview offers, TV watching will never be the same.  You can choose each channel you want to be on your particular line up or make a preset Multiview that includes a specific type of program, like news, sports, or sports.  Another option for all ESPN Gameplan and ESPN Full Court subscribers is to take advantage of this upgrade with seasonal events like Cubs baseball, The Masters golfing tournament, plus even the Winter and Summer Olympics!


All these great features are for use not just on your HD TV but also from your personal computer or smart phone.  Go to uverse.com and download the latest app to upgrade your phone and experience everything from managing your DVR recordings, watching the latest TV shows or hit movies.  You can also use your personal tablet to do the same, as the app is compatible with each.


With Picture in Picture technology, you can check out other channels without missing a single second of the show you are watching currently.  If you catch something you want to see more of later, it’s a simple click of your remote to hit record and save it when you feel like watching.  That way, you won’t get interrupted at all.


U-Verse On Demand gives you access to thousands of hot films, to watch whenever and wherever you please.  Catching on all the best pop culture blimps has never been easier since AT&T U-Verse came into being.  Make sure you don’t miss what’s out there.

Dish Network Offers Great TV Services

Dish Network Satellite TV brings the action with Pay Per View live events, music concerts and standup comedy events that you can watch from the comfort of your home. Along with the live UFC action you can get through Pay Per View, DishTV also provides you with an incredible lineup of domestic and lnternational sports for soccer, football, hockey and other sports from around the world. Get the details about Dish Network Programming at www.homedirector.net/Dish-Network-Packages.html.


If you would rather watch movies, you can use the Dish On Demand service, with instant access to new movie releases and thousands of other selections. Or, you can access the Blockbuster@Home service for all the programming, movies and games Blockbuster is so famous for, all from the comfort of your home. When you need to a little more, you can access one of the premium movie channels Dish TV has to offer, making for a complete home movie package that everyone in the house can enjoy.


You can plan ahead on long trips with the Dish Anywhere option. This service uses the Hopper HD-DVR to provide remote access to any location. Just sign on with your tablet, laptop or smartphone and you can stream live channels, recorded programming and On Demand or Blockbuster@Home content. It’s a simple-to-use service that provides everyone with something to watch, no matter how long you are away from home. You can even download your content to watch without Wi-Fi access.


The Dish Hopper can provide content for up to four different televisions at once. It skips commercials for you on primetime channels and helps you find the remote when it goes missing. It can also give you up to two thousand hours of regular definition and up to two hundred and fifty hours of Hi-Def programming. Find more information about the DISH Hopper at www.homedirector.net/Dish-network-hopper.html.


Dishnetwork offers bundled service packages to give you a full and complete home service package. Ask about discounted rates for home programming, internet and phone services.

Paula Abdul Will Do More Acting

It has been announced that Paula Abdul will be acting on a regular basis. She stated that she has always had a love for television and that she is extremely excited about making a transition to acting on television.


Abdul said her love for television began to grow when she worked with James L. Brooks with “The Tracey Ullman Show”. Abdul was responsible for doing the choreography for the shows musical scenes. James L. Brooks is the cinematic talent behind “As Good As It Gets”, “How Do You Know” and “Terms of Endearment”. It was “The Tracey Ullman Show” that inspired other hit shows such as “The Simpsons”.


Paula AbdulAlthough she has appeared on television in reality shows like “The X Factor”, “American Idol” and “Live to Dance”, she has not made the time, previously, to do scripted acting, except for short guest appearances. She has appeared on shows such as “That’s So Raven”, “Less Than Perfect”, “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch” and “Family Guy”. But now she is ready to make a more permanent switch to television on a more regular basis.


About her transition, Abdul said she is broadening her horizons by acting as well as performing in dramas and half-hour shows.


In talking about her transition to full-time acting, Abdul has also taken the opportunity to announce her work in fighting muscular dystrophy. She said that one of the biggest thrills for her is knowing treatments for muscular dystrophy could be available soon. She said the story of Reagan Imhoff, and 8 year old patient that wants to dance. Abdul said the girl’s story touched her heart because she has the passion of a dancer but that the muscular dystrophy limits her dancing abilities. Abdul talked of how Reagan’s eyes lit up after being presented with a pair of ballet shoes.

Things to do in Asheville NC

Things to do in Asheville NC

Things to do in Asheville NC

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Charter Cable Deals Rock!

Rock out with the best entertainment package ever invented from Charter Cable Deals! Whether you want an affordable home phone service, hassle-free internet use, or a revolutionary approach to television you can mix and match Charter’s three famous services for a better lifestyle at home.  Charter Communications knows that everyone is different, so why not take advantage of your ability to switch up these services?  Each has varying levels of abilities available so that you get the perfect cable package for your household. Take a look at CharterCableDeals.org for more detailed information.


Charter Internet guarantees that every time you get online you stay safe!  Identity theft is on the rise constantly, but with the Charter Security Suite every single one of your computers will be secure with a bundle of programs that constantly upgrade themselves with the latest technologies available.  An ongoing project, you will never have to buy new programs that can cost hundreds just to secure your personal information.


Stop dealing with a cluttered email inbox with Charter’s many email accounts.  Up to ten of these guarantee that nobody in your household is left without gigabytes of storage space!


Even more features from charter make it a breeze to get online whenever you feel like it. If you come home from work and everyone in the house seems to be online, enjoy going into your room, turning on your laptop, and surfing at speeds quicker than any DSL connection!  Charter Internet has so much broadband that you never have to deal with overload issues, and the wireless connection is phenomenal too!


With a variety of speeds available from Charter Internet you can pick and choose what kind of service you get.  With Charter Plus, Max, and Ultra a PowerBoost features is included with increasingly faster and larger downloading abilities.  With ultra you get the biggest downloads the fastest ranging from movies to discographies and more in only minutes!  Charter Ultra offers the best in online gaming graphics without lag, streaming, and more.


It used to be that what came on TV at what time determined what your personal schedule would be like because television channel selections were few and what came on was on only at one moment in time.  Now you can program everything you watch to fit your personal schedule perfectly with Charter TV!  A DVR is the perfect tool for transforming how you view television.  You can record any of the shows, movies, and events that come on the hundreds of live TV channels that have made Charter TV so popular, and you can even record them in High Definition for the first time!


Other programming features only included with Charter Cable TV are Movies On Demand, Premiums On Demand, Pay-Per-View, and even more!  With these features you get access to literally thousands of shows, new and old movies, live events, comedy programs, and documentaries. There is such a variety that your children, teenagers, parents, grandparents, and you will never get bored!  Better yet you get instant access to these shows and movies so that you never have to wait.


With more channels and the brilliant High Definition channel selection that easily beats the competition, your family and your friends will constantly be pining to watch the latest and greatest news cast, sports games, and live Television events. Be a great entertainer and enjoy Charter TV!


Millions of households have switched to Charter Phone Unlimited, and for good reason.  This service from Charter Communications is clear to the maximum meaning that you can always hear the person you are talking to on the other line.  Ideal for important phone calls to business associates, family members, friends, and more, why not ensure that miscommunication is kept at a minimum with every call?


Charter Phone Unlimited lets you access such ideal audio quality to anywhere in the country including all fifty states, Puerto Rico, and even Canada! Without long-distance calls you can relax and save money when you talk for hours with your parents living across the country or your friend who just moved away.


When dealing with incoming calls enjoy sweet calling features like custom ring, anonymous call rejection, call screening, caller ID, and call waiting to add personalization to every incoming call. Whether you want to pick it up or ignore it forever, the choice is yours with over ten popular calling tools!


Take only a few minutes out of your day to order your personal Charter Cable Deal online at http://www.chartercabledeals.org/charter-bundles-.html!  Easier than ever to install and setup, these services will help boost you into everything the 21st century has to offer.  You do not even have to worry about paying your bills every month because you can set up an online bill pay account that does it for you!  Save time, money, and peace of mind only with Charter.


Time Warner Cable Offers State of the Art Entertainment

If you’re still suffering through grainy pictures and muffled sounds, it may be time to upgrade to Time Warner Cable Digital TV. Thanks to rapid advances in digital technology, they’re able to offer hundreds of channels of high quality entertainment. All of the pictures are crystal clear and the enhanced audio sounds great.


Digital technology also lets you enjoy great features like an onscreen program guide and Digital Video Recorder. These features work together to make it easy to keep up with and record all of your favorite programs. A few quick button presses and the DVR will record a single episode of your favorite show, or an entire season.


But the DVR does more than just record. You can skip commercials, rewind live TV, and pause the show and return to it later. With Time Warner Cable Digital TV, it’s even possible to pause your show in one room and watch the rest of it in another.


The On Demand digital library delivers over 10,000 movie and show titles right to your living room. Press a button and enjoy new Hollywood hits, classic favorites, and even special events like concerts and UFC fights.


Time Warner Cable Broadband Internet is Advanced Online Access 
Time Warner Cable Broadband Internet delivers more than just blazing fast internet access. You also get access to a host of features that turn your modem into much more than just a way to get online. Get up to the minute news coverage from around the world with special access to CNN. Enjoy a huge variety of online radio stations from Rhapsody. Keep up with all the racing action with NASCAR Track pass.You can even share your internet connection with all of your wireless devices thanks to the wireless modem.


A robust security suite helps keep you safe while you’re online. Integrated antivirus and firewall protection block malicious programs and hackers while you surf with peace of mind. And the parental controls make sure that your kids are safe from inappropriate content.  Click TWC Broadband for more details.


Time Warner Cable Digital Home Phone is the Future of Communication
Time Warner Cable Digital Home Phone uses a cutting edge digital adapter to provide you with clear, lifelike call quality—whether you’re calling next door or across the globe. Fiber optic and digital technology reduce interference and echo, making it sound like the person you’re talking to is right next to you. Using the included advanced calling features, you’ll do things with your phone that you never imagined. And, thanks to the unlimited local and long distance calling, you won’t go broke doing them.


Time Warner Cable Bundles Gives You Tomorrow’s Products at Yesterday’s Prices
Just because the services are high quality, doesn’t mean they have to be high priced. By bundling the services together, Time Warner Cable is able to offer savings off the individual prices. You’ll be able to enjoy all of the great products they have to offer without breaking the bank.

Baltimore Maryland Foot Doctor Treats Toenail Fungus with Laser

Dr. Spier is certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery. He has successfully owned and operated his own podiatric practice since 1985. Currently, Dr. Spier is celebrating the anniversary of his fourth year in using the PinPointe FootLaser treatment in his various locations around Baltimore, Maryland. For more details about this cutting edge Baltimore area Podiatrist, hop over to http://www.spierfoot.com/.


The PinPointe FootLaser treatment has been used successfully in the treatment and cure of toenail fungus. This treatment has received positive reports and reviews from patients that were cured in as little as one to three visits. Mark E. Spier, DPM was the first Foot Doctor in the Baltimore Maryland area to utilize this cutting edge treatment. He has become known for his innovations in treating his patients and he enjoys a thriving practice from various locations in Maryland.


Toenail fungus, also called Onychomycosis, affects up to 14 percent of the current US population. Within this 14 percent, up to 40 percent of sufferers are in the 60 year old age group or higher. The condition can be contracted through usage of public locker rooms and community pools, or by wearing tight fitting footwear without proper follow-up care.


Onychomycosis can spread from one toe to another. In the past, it has been treated with topical and oral medications that could take extended periods of time to work. The PinPointe FootLaser has been known to work in as little as one to three visits.


Dr. Spier’s patients have reported minimal discomfort during the procedure. They have been happy with the results and with the care they have received from Dr. Spier and his staff. Dr. Spier has successfully treated more than 2000 patients with the FootLaser.


About Mark E. Spier:


Dr. Spier earned a B.S. in Microbiology and a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree from the University of Maryland and Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine. He is on the Council for Nail Disorders.


He proudly serves the sports medicine and podiatry needs of Reisterstown, Owings Mill, Baltimore, Columbia, Towson, Locust Point, Lutherville, Timonium and all of Howard and Baltimore Counties.