How to Construct a Wheelchair Ramp in Homes

How to Construct a Wheelchair Ramp in Homes

In addition to staircases, a sloping plane referred to as a wheelchair ramp can be constructed. The movement of wheelchairs and wheeled object is achieved by constructing a wheelchair ramp. The wheelchair ramp are constructed in permanent way, portable way or semi-permanent way. A need to access the homes may be required by a sick or elderly family member using a wheelchair. A ramp will be required in this kind of situation. Building a wheelchair ramp for home makes the mobility for a person easy. The ramp make both the wheelchair user and the people around them, have an easy life. Several factors are considered during the construction of the wheel chair ramp, which can be an easy task. By reading more now you will surely discover more on the wheel chair ramp construction.

Considering the most suitable wheelchair ramp is the first step. One needs to consider the type of ramp that will work for the user. Consider the accessibility of the house using the entrance points. Also the material that will be used to construct the wheelchair ramp. The next step is to design the wheelchair ramp layout. The user’s requirements and the entrance point of the house are considerations of the layout of the wheel chair ramp design. Design a ramp that is not too steep. Consider the width of the ramp depending on the space available and the material being used to construct.

The wheelchair user should have easy mobility. That they are not squeezing themselves and struggling to pass through the ramp. Consider the need for the hand rails in the cases of a ramp that is longer than six inches. A ramp that is thirty feet long should have platforms that will break up sections. Resting of the wheelchair users is made possible by the use of layouts. More about Installation of the wheel chair ramp is laid out here.

While building a wheelchair ramp, selection of the material for construction is the next step. The two materials that are used for the installation of the wheelchair ramp is wood or metal. The user and the situation at hand are factors that will be considered when selecting the material to use for the construction. Factors like durability and ability to firmly secure in the ground, should be considered. A slip resistant material should be used to construct the wheelchair ramp. The material selected should allow design flexibility and ability to add in decorative touches. Next thing will be build the wheelchair ramp of your choice. At this stage the ramp is constructed according to the design and user requirements. Compromises in the installation should be avoided at all cost and all requirements should be met.