How Sexy Is Your Brand?

How Sexy Is Your Brand?

Think about your brand as that guy or girl in the bar. Just from their look and a few sentences you get a feel for them. Hey – maybe it’s the wrong feeling. But your decision is made.

Do you want to ravish them and/or be ravished by them? Or do they come across as sleazy?

Big talker and you don’t believe a word he says? Stuck-up strumpet whom you might have been interested in … if she weren’t so obviously self-absorbed?

Is that desirable new persona you encounter young and nubile? Or attractively mature , a silver fox?

Brands give off the same kinds of vibes. “Pick me up! Take me home!” they scream. And the reader (or viewer, listener) will take the cues given off and make an instant compatibility decision based upon them.

Before you develop your copy, form a clear picture of the audience. What do they find attractive? Gear your copy towards these desire triggers, but – EXTREMELY IMPORTANT – be honest. Chances are you’d leave the faker at the bar, and even if they did manage to get picked up, they’re going to be out the door when the lies are revealed.

Sex up your brand. Do it for the right audience. Do it with integrity. And be as promiscuous as you can possibly be. People might not be able to get away with that. But who doesn’t want their brand to be the village bicycle?