Grammar and Punctuation
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Grammar and Punctuation

This Nuts and Bolts Guide is a non-exhaustive collection of intermediate punctuation and grammar rules that are especially pertinent to copywriters.

If you are working as a writer, you should already know the basics. You should know the intermediates – but you probably need a refresher. Just don’t tell anyone.

For advanced queries, consult the millions of style guides. Or for the daring, venture into online grammar forums, where the world as you know it goes to die. Like all forms of strange porn, what you find will either fascinate or confuse you. Probably both.

Non-discrimination Clause:

We don’t discriminate. This guide was written for copywriters by copywriters. But we welcome all.

Whether you are a naughty lesbian college student, a Big Gay Executive, a one-armed journalist, or an ashamed high school English teacher who never can remember her comma rules, we support you. We are the jock strap to your grammatical testicles.