Teach Your Teen Few Basic Road Rules to Keep them Safe from Accidents

Teach Your Teen Few Basic Road Rules to Keep them Safe from Accidents

Road safety is important in every country. Rules like road courtesy, wearing seatbelts, obeying traffic signals, no texting or drinking, and driving, and maintaining speed limits are mandatory in every country, even in Australia. Driving is necessary transportation in this day and age for people who commute daily to their offices, dropping school kids, buying regular groceries or visiting hospitals, going to college, etc. In Australia, almost every house owns a car, which is considered the most common form of commuting.

Teens are known for their reckless driving and road accidents. According to statistics, the highest road accidents and deaths involve drivers between 15 and 24 years of age. Youngsters are energetic and often try to impress their peer groups, they talk on the phone while driving, sometimes drive after drinking, disobey rules and break traffic signals, overtake and exceed the speed limit.

This ridiculous adventurous life often gives them trauma for a lifetime. Once they get their driving license, they forget all road rules after getting their hands on the steering wheel. This is why it is important to get a driving license from a safe driving school or instructor whose lessons are remembered for life.

LTrent is an Australian driving school located in NSW. They started this school in 1969 and after 5 years they have gained a lot of experience. With this experience, they build their own safe driving course for all kinds of learners of different age groups. When you enrol with LTrent you get the best training program and professional as well as knowledgeable trainers.

Often parents are overconfident about their kids and teach them personally how to drive your kid may be smart, but there is a huge difference between learning at home and learning from an authentic driving school. Still, if you feel that you can train your teenager, then also add these few road safety tips in their driving lessons to make them safe and better drivers:

  • Emphasize the importance of wearing seatbelts during driving. Even while teaching them, ensure they make it a habit of wearing seatbelts.
  • When a person uses a mobile phone or is drunk while driving, her/his physical, cognitive and visual ability is distracted which leads to accidents and crashes. If the call is urgent, then teach them that they need to park their car on the side of the road, switch on the blinker to indicate other vehicles behind, adjust handbrake and then take the call and tell them to avoid drugs or drinking before driving, if they’re in a party where they’ve consumed alcohol, then it is wise to call a substitute driver.
  • Youngsters are always in the high spirit, which often triggers them to exceed the speed limit. Teach your kid to maintain a certain speed limit mentioned on the signboard, this way they will not only avoid accidents, but also save your money from fines.
  • Side and rear mirrors are big supporters for drivers to maintain distance with other vehicles, but there are blind spots that are missed even by the rear and side mirrors. Therefore, drivers should always check their blind spots before:
  1. Parking or leaving the parking area
  2. Pulling out from the pavement or huge stone beside
  3. During a U-turn or three-point turn
  4. Merging with other traffic or changing lanes
  • Tell your kid not to drive when he/she is tired, sleepy, or stressed. It affects their brain’s function and that can cause accidents.

Parents should enrol their kids in driving school. As a parent, you will try your best to teach your kid all road rules, but you too have taken your driving lesson many years ago. By leaving them under the supervision of a trained instructor, parents ensure that kids get the best driving education.