Current technology makes it easy to get a great home internet service, if you have the right provider. Dial up is outdated. DSL is slow and satellite internet is unreliable and slow. The right provider is a cable TV provider that can give you cable internet.


Your cable provider is a solid internet service provider. It can offer broadband connection with the continual bandwidth you need to play your online games, stream music and other media from multiple sources at one time and to keep open communication with your friends and family all over the world.


This service comes with a high download speed that can get as high as 105 Mbps. It’s the perfect service for a family of gamers or a family that has a lot of online friends. It can keep up with the demands your family places on it, during the school year when your children have school work to research and during the summer when everyone just wants to stay connected.


It’s the perfect way to get the latest album from your favorite artist, watch that new movie release online or to share your pictures on your favorite social site. Since you can get your connection in traditional wired or wireless services, you are in full control of how you connect and what device you use to connect with.


Your cable provider will also give you free online features that help make this a safer environment for your children and your devices. The free online security offers an entire security suite that runs in the background to protect your desktop or tablet from malware that can hurt your hard drive. This security suite helps to protect you from trojans, viruses, spyware, worms, adware and other threats. It also helps to block hackers and phishers so that your personal information is protected, as well. This service costs you nothing and can help you save money in the long run.


The online Parental Controls take the guess work out of what they are doing online when you are not around. You can use this service to block web addresses when you don’t think a site is age-appropriate for your child.


You can also use the site rating

to determine your child’s access to that site. The Parental Controls are good for enforcing your time limits to make sure your children aren’t spending more time online than they are getting their homework done. And, when you need to know who they have been talking to or what sites they have been frequenting online, you can just use the feature that allows you to monitor online activities. It’s a great free service that will give you the peace of mind you need as you watch them travel around your home with their device in their hand.




This is the perfect service for busy families that need a good high speed Internet service without all the trouble that can go with services through other providers. Your cable TV provider is the perfect ISP for any home.