It likely came as no surprise to Walking Dead fans who read the comics—or those who could pick up in the suspicious behavior Eugene exhibited during the show—but the cat is finally out of the bag: Eugene confessed to Abraham, Rosita and the rest of the group that he was not really a scientist; he had never worked for the government; and, most importantly, he did not have a cure for the virus.

The news shocked the group, but the episode ended shortly after and left viewers wondering: What’s next? How will the group handle this news? There are three likely scenarios that the writers could decide to take.

Scenario: The group abandons Eugene
This is a somewhat likely scenario. After all that has happened, and all they have sacrificed for Eugene and his lies, Abraham and Rosita could decide to abandon Eugene. It’s not likely that Tara, Glenn and Maggie will do the same, simply because they don’t have the same amount of baggage that Rosita and especially Abraham have. Abraham has repeatedly been shown to have a severe emotional investment in Eugene and this complete break of his trust and everything he’s known for months could cause him to abandon the person he once protected.

Scenario: The group tries to return to Rick’s group
This is the most likely scenario. The group, realizing that their only chance of survival now is to merge with Rick’s group and continue on with them, will attempt to backtrack and catch up with Rick before they leave the church. Of course, in true Walking Dead fashion this reunion probably won’t be easy, and could take a few episodes—at least—to happen.eugene-betrayal-scene

It may also be likely that not all of the group will make it back to Rick and company. The show is well known for killing off supporting characters, which means anyone from Abraham to Eugene or even Tara could die.



Scenario: The group continues to Washington D.C.
This is the least likely scenario, but some fans are speculating that Abraham, Rosita and Eugene will still try to make it to Washington D.C. in the hopes that the capital has really set up some sort of safe zone. They may decide that they have already come this far and that it would be pointless to change course so late in the game.