Dish Network Satellite TV brings the action with Pay Per View live events, music concerts and standup comedy events that you can watch from the comfort of your home. Along with the live UFC action you can get through Pay Per View, DishTV also provides you with an incredible lineup of domestic and lnternational sports for soccer, football, hockey and other sports from around the

If you would rather watch movies, you can use the Dish On Demand service, with instant access to new movie releases and thousands of other selections. Or, you can access the Blockbuster@Home service for all the programming, movies and games Blockbuster is so famous for, all from the comfort of your home. When you need to a little more, you can access one of the premium movie channels Dish TV has to offer, making for a complete home movie package that everyone in the house can enjoy.

You can plan ahead on long trips with the Dish Anywhere option. This service uses the Hopper HD-DVR to provide remote access to any location. Just sign on with your tablet, laptop or smartphone and you can stream live channels, recorded programming and On Demand or Blockbuster@Home content. It’s a simple-to-use service that provides everyone with something to watch, no matter how long you are away from home. You can even download your content to watch without Wi-Fi access.



The Dish Hopper can provide content for up to four different televisions at once. It skips commercials for you on primetime channels and helps you find the remote when it goes missing. It can also give you up to two thousand hours of regular definition and up to two hundred and fifty hours of Hi-Def programming.

Dishnetwork offers bundled service packages to give you a full and complete home service package. Ask about discounted rates for home programming, internet and phone services.